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Our approach

We pride ourselves on being like a home away from home for all of the children, aiming to let them play, explore and rest at their own pace. We provide many open ended activities for the children that can be explored across the ages so that learning happens naturally and together. We have a loose plan for the month that we use to ensure we are meeting all of the children's next steps and interests but we are extremely flexible and go with the flow. We make the most of the weather and will not miss a conker collecting opportunity or a chance to enjoy water play in the garden on a hot day! We love to follow the children's lead and often our plans are altered naturally by what they fancy or choose to get out to play with. We have a great selection of resources for the children to choose from within easy reach and we always have some activities set up on arrival for them to explore.

We like to spend time out and about, we regulary attend two toddler groups, visit the library, various parks, soft play areas, play at the field and visit the ducks. In recent months we have also visited the bees at Buzz Works, Hitchin Lavender, taken a bus to Bedford and been to the swimming pool.

Communicating with parents is vital. We often send text messages and pictures during the day to keep parents up to date with what their child is doing, we have daily record books for the under 5 yr olds for us to write down what we have been up to all day and to record naps, meals, nappies etc! We send these home with the children each day and encourage parental notes on the weekend, sleep, teething, behaviour, etc. It's good for us to have a head's up in case things haven't been mentioned at drop off time. We gradually compile a learning journey for each child under 5 years and aim to send it home at regular intervals for parents to look through. We also try to work closely with staff at nursery and Preschool and would welcome a sharing of learning journeys and next steps.

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