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Our Resources

We have a house full of resources for the children. Some are always ready to be used including a play kitchen, abundant dressing up area, bookcases, small table and chairs with changable activities prepared for them, chalk wall and numerous craft boxes and toy boxes accessible to the children so that during the day they can choose different things. We rotate other toys and activities we offer to the children such as dolls houses, garages and train set, instruments, prams, walkers, rocking horses, farm animals, building blocks, puzzles and games, balls, painting, gluing, rice and other natural play, ice and water etc

We are always looking at ways we can improve our resources and facilities and get excited about things like our new builders tray which is used regulary for all sorts of activities, with the idea of containing the mess!!

We love to spend time baking with the children, often making cakes or biscuits, babies in booster seats and everyone else standing by the work top, together we learn about turn taking, hand washing, measuring and weighing, changes that occur whilst cooking, being safe in the kitchen and being healthy. We always celebrate birthdays with the children and will usually bake a cake together, sometimes some sneaky icing and surprise decorating takes place while the birthday child is occupied else where!

We make our own playdough together too, choosing scents and colours and use the dough alongside themes, at christmas time we had cinnamon and ginger red dough. 

Outside the children enjoy the trampoline, a play house, small basket ball net, a water/activity table, our growing area, mud kitchen, and numerous games and toys.

Our vegetable patch has been a gradual development, slowly taking over the garden!! We love to all choose and sow the seeds, watch them grow inside the conservatory, comparing sizes and leaves and then replant them outside in the garden. The children love to care for them and harvest the fruit and vegatables, it has proven to be such a hit with everyone, we are always fascinated when some little people will eat tomatoes straight from the vine but not from a plate!

We also have an over sized paddling pool which we enjoy in the summertime, and a bouncy castle for those holiday days too!

Practical equipment includes numerous booster seats for meal times, small low level chairs, many travel cots, two double buggies, baby bouncers etc

We tend to walk rather than drive these days, enjoying being within walking distance of schools and fun things, and when we go further afield we find the bus or train is an exciting adventure for everyone.


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