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We pride ourselves in providing the best care we can for each individual child. We welcome and encourage regular feedback from parents and the children themselves. We like to know what they feel we do well, what they think we could do better and any ideas or suggestions they have that would improve the care we provide.

"Thankyou so much for all your great care of J. He has always really enjoyed playing at yours and we really appreciate that you have made him feel so much at home. It means a lot to us!"  Mr & Mrs A


"I like it here and I think Jo has done a great job. The place i enjoyed was the science museum also we went pet shop, made a movie, icing cakes and more." A child aged 8yrs.


"I just would like to say what a pleasure it has been with the children at Jo's. Jo has made the kids feel so welcome and happy.They love every minute of it." Miss B


"Why I like Jo's house. Because we get a table to make things and Alan is really funny. In half-term we get to go out to the park. We get to help Jo! We get to practice the fire drill. We get to meet other children." A child aged 10yrs.


"Our 18mth old daughter has been in Jo's care for several months now and we are delighted with her progress. Jo works very hard to ensure that all her emotional and developmental needs are constantly being met and she is very good at keeping us informed of all aspects of C's daily activities, behaviour and development. We feel that her childminding service is very inclusive of us as parents and that she makes it a priority to work together with all the parents of the children in her care to ensure that their individual needs are being met." Mr and Mrs L


"O is very happy in the Masters house and she enjoys her time with other children and with Jo and Alan. We feel O is in a happy, fun and safe environment and are pleased with how much she enjoys her time.

Communication is clear and easy between Jo and Alan and ourselves. Given our very hectic and challenging schedules we have all done well to not have miscommunications about days on and off, etc.

We feel O enjoys the after school play and activities. During the holidays she has really loved the outings to the parks, pool and unique places. The routine that is in place seems to be working. The children listen and respect both Jo and Alan but are also very comfortable chatting with them and telling them if they feel poorly or sad, etc. It is important to have such trust with the children and that is one of their biggest strengths." Mr and Mrs O.


"I feel very lucky that H has such active days and very much does what I would try to do if I was not at work. I think the meals the children have are great and we very much approve of the 'you must try it or there is no pudding' approach. This is something we do at home. We are most impressed by the calm manner you both have with the children and the great rapport you have built with them since September." Mr and Mrs T 

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